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The National Library of Scotland for access to their historic maps.
The Scotsman Newspaper Archives for letting us use text and photo imagery.
Professor John W. Cairns, Chair of Legal History, Edinburgh University.
The late Lord Clyde and his family for his account of living in Heriot Row.
The Scottish Academic Press for giving us use of quotations about James Ferrier.
Canongate Press for advice on various copyright issues.
Yale University Press for permission to use a quotation from 'Public Lives'.
Wikipedia for information and access to images.
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John and Susan Mavor and Elspeth Wills who were our first readers and gave us important feedback.
Graeme Munro and Rachel Hamada who checked for grammar, spelling and accuracy as we went live.

Many residents and friends of Heriot Row who provided stories, images and encouragement, particularly Gordon and Winifred Coutts, William Prosser and David Hicks of the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust.

To Pete Urwin who helped us restore and modernise the site after its destructive hacking in 2012, and gave us many wonderful pictures of Heriot Row.

And above all to founding editor Judith Maccoll who was the life and soul of the project up until her sad and untimely death in August 2014.

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We'd like to thank the many residents and friends of Heriot Row who provided stories, images and encouragement